UBU SINGS UBU is a live rock concert with a play inside of it.


It is performed by:

2 actors

4 band members / actors

2 go go dancers/ Ubettes

1 go go dancer / director / stage hand


as well as

1 live sound technician

1 video operator

1 production manager


In all the company totals 12 people.

It is also ideal for the venue to provide a bartender who will have a few lines and maybe follow Tony Torn with a microphone at one point. 

This person does not have to be a brilliant actor, but they should have a really good sense of humor,. A rock n' roll look would be great.


Some technical equipment & working conditions needed to realize the show are detailed below, but a lot is dependent on the size & type 

of house in which it is presented. Specific technical needs will be addressed on a per venue basis.


NOTE: All equipment & conditions cited in this rider, which the house & / or presenter agree to provide (pending discussion with the Company 

MUST be in the theatre at the time of the company's load in, if not before. The company cannot be held responsible for delays in production 

& performance resulting from delays in acquisition or availability of necessary equipment or unsuitable working conditions.


The Presenter agrees to provide the company production manager 

with the following at least 3 months before the presentation:

Theater ground plan

Section plan sightlines

Circuit plan

List of operational lighting and sound equipment with a description of the light control equipment and sound board

General description of the theater: type of seating arrangement and capacity, union circumstances, stage floor condition, etc.


THE COMPANY DOES NOT CARRY A YELLOW CARD. IATSE stagehands are not required. 

If local rules specify their use, all necessary negotiations with the local and all expenses incurred remain solely between the Presenter 

and the local and will not affect the Company. Presenter agrees to obtain and pay for any and all local work permits, union fees, taxes 

and other local licenses that may be required for the Company to carry out the performances and residency activities covered by this agreement.


The Company travels with its own costumes, most hand props, and computers for pre-recorded sound and video. 

In addition to this the presenter & venue agree to provide the following




TECHNICAL DIRECTOR - The Presenter agrees to provide an English-speaking Technical Director 

with decision-making responsibility to be present, responsible to, and accessible for consultation with the company at all crew calls.

LOAD IN, REHEARSAL SPACE AND THEATER TIME - A venue specific load in schedule (days required, schedule, etc) 

will be worked out in consultation with the company and venue.




SCENIC AND PROP ELEMENTS – The Theater/Presenter will provide the following scenic elements:


1 video projection surface, ideally white, and close to the width of the stage/ playing area, 

hanging at the back of the playing space around 8 feet off the ground. Specifics can be determined on a per venue basis. 

The screen must be set and mounted prior to company arrival. If the space is really deep and allows for rear projection, awesome.


1 large rehearsal cube or “drama block”, big enough for one person to move and two people to stand on.


1 bar. There is a bar. It can basically be a catering bar, not a full service bar (no sink, no taps, etc). 

This should be designed and executed in a venue specific manner. If your theater already has a bar in the space, 

we can use that. If there is a license issue, we can discuss how this could work. Let us know.


The minimum amount of furniture required is as follows:

2 sturdy chairs. (not those flimsy wooden ones from ikea, please)

1 metal stool (bar height)

1 folding table – 6 feet long. Molded plastic (like from Lowes or Staples or wherever – shop local!!!) is fine. 

Must be stable enough to climb on and thrash around a bit. If the venue has cabaret seating at tables, we can utilize that.

If possible, we can use a few more chairs and stools, if available and space allows.


FLOOR - The floor surface must be wood not laid directly on concrete. All nails must be removed, holes plugged, 

unused floor pockets covered, and the floor leveled and taped where necessary.


PIPES DRAPERIES AND ACOUSTICS / SOUND - The Company does not carry any draperies for masking. 

Depending on the venue, the Presenter must provide proper draperies to dampen sound around the audience, 

and to prevent bounce on stage. In the original production, we covered the walls of the stage with plastic bubble 

wrap to a height of 8 feet and had drapes behind and to the sides of the audience. This should be worked out 

between the venue and the company in advance.




The production travels with its own computer to run video. 

The production requires the use of a video projector and projection screen. 

Details will be worked out on a per venue basis, but in general in a small house 

a projector of at least 3000 lumens is required, and a proper projection surface 

(see SET for more details on the screen).


VGA Cable for running projector to a mac mini, and the proper adaptors.


If in a foreign country then a screen for supertitles, placement to be determined in the space, and a dedicated projector. 

(And a translation, but that would be a whole conversation that we would need to have, right? We do the show in English 

but its translated from French but we translated it mostly using Google translate so its very fractured and poetic.)




GENERAL CONDITION - All available lighting equipment must be in good working order, 

with no burned out bulbs, cracked lenses or other imperfections that will not allow the instrument 

to perform to its designed specification.


LIGHT PLOT - A light plot specific for each venue will be provided by the company. 

Technical drawings & equipment lists for each venue must be delivered to the 

designer(s) no later than 8 weeks prior to the scheduled performance dates. 

All drawings shall show correct dimensions & hanging positions.

UBU has a fairly simple show set up and can work in most rep situations with additional specials. 

If a rep plot is not existing in the space the Lighting Designer can provide a lighting plot to the venue. 

Load in times assume that the venue can prehang the plot before the company arrives for load in and tech.


Venue will provide color for the show, the company will bring its own gobos.


ETC Element Lighting Board is preferred.


In a nightclub situation with a flashy rep plot already built, it is possible for the lighting designer 

to do the show on the fly with a few programmed submasters.




So this is a live rock show, with a full band playing loud songs by Pere Ubu. 

If the venue is already set up for live rock events, everything is much easier. If not, we can make it happen.

We can supply a list of gear to transform the theater into a rock venue, in consultation with your TD / Sound Engineer, 

based on a complete inventory of your venues sound equipment.



The theater must provide the following:

Wardrobe work area convenient to the stage and dressing rooms

Iron and ironing board


Ideally a wardrobe assistant to clean and organize costumes.

Easy access to an onsite washer and dryer, or someone to take the costumes and clean them and bring them back ASAP. Costumes must be laundered after each performance, including after the final performance as part of the load out.



The Company requires the following:

dressing rooms for 7 performers, male and female and whatever else we got

Access to an office with an outside phone line and internet access

Dressing rooms need to be clean and equipped with the following:

Chairs and make-up tables with mirrors and lights for each dancer

Hanging racks for clothes and costumes

Non-public bathroom facilities including showers (in or near the dressing rooms)

Security for dressing rooms and backstage area



All crew must be professionally competent & experienced in their respective jobs. 

All show crew must be available & present for all technical rehearsals & show calls. 

The same crew must be present for all shows & rehearsals; substitutions & personnel changes 

are subject to company approval. The following crew is requested:



Light board operator (needed for rehearsals as well)

Electrics Crew: Up to 2 people (depending on theatre size) available to hang & focus lighting instruments/ specials and run and set up Video cable.

Set Crew: 1 Carpenter/stage hand

Sound Crew – 1 person very familiar with the venues sound board and able to program it.

Depending on load in schedule and venue specifics, this can of course be modified and worked out.



Costumes: 1 person to make any necessary repairs. 

Costume elements should be laundered after performances. 

Costumes must be ready one hour prior to curtain for all scheduled dress rehearsals & Performances


Stage Crew: 1 stagehand to help with whatever happens during the show and to assist with intermission change over.



Sound, Video, and Wardrobe crew – minimum 2 people, venue specific.





The air in the theater (stage and dressing rooms) must be kept warm and draft-free. 

The Company prefers a temperature of around 75 degrees Fahrenheit (23 degrees Celsius). Nice!



If the Company must travel from hotel to theater in self-driven vehicles, 

the Presenter must provide parking for those vehicles near the theater.



Per Day

Company requests the Presenter provide 14 bottles of water, spring or purified, bottled, non-carbonated and in individual bottles.

If possible, the Company requests a table with coffee, tea, and appropriate condiments (sugar, sugar substitute, milk), fruit, granola bars.


The company requires stock for the bar – this will be worked out in advance between 

the company and the venue, but in general it requires a lot of whiskey and vodka and beer.

It is also possible to design custom cocktails in a venue specific manner. Lets talk. You could hold a contest! 

Name a cocktail and base liquor and we create a drink in your honor and have it at the bar during the show!